About MOPstar

MOPstar was created to revolutionize the way facilities are operated. It was developed by facility management experts for facility management professionals like you. The equipment that handles your critical load is vital to the ongoing operations of your facility. It is crucial that you have the best procedures and processes in place before you allow anyone to work on or around these equipment.

Its equally important to enforce these processes and follow procedures to achieve operational excellence, gain efficiency, and reduce errors.

After managing MOPs manually for years using programs like Word, Excel, and other forms documents, we knew there had to be a better way. We wanted more clarity into what was being done, we wanted a more efficient process, and we wanted to reduce human errors.

24% of all data center outages are caused by human error and 80% of facility downtime is the result of manual errors. MOPstar helps organizations reduce these manual errors and allows them to quickly resolve any errors.

State of the Art Management

MOPstar is the most advanced software available that helps data centers and other mission critical facilities modernize their operational procedures and checklists such as SOP, MOP, and EOP.

Many organizations find it challenging to gain visibility into the state of their critical environment because they lack documentation. Documentation is a crucial tool that gives you a clear understanding of your facility at all times. MOPstar modernizes the way you manage operational procedures and gives you instant access to analytics and actionable intelligence.

Our tools provide you a window into what is going on in your facilities. You get information such as history and scheduled maintenance and repairs at your fingertips.

It’s Time to Operate Like a Modern Business. See How MOPstar Improves Your Facility Management and Performance.