Leading Facility Management Software

MOPstar is the most advanced software that manages the full lifecycle of your operational procedures and checklists—from creation and approval to scheduling and signoff.

MOPstar eliminates the cumbersome and time consuming manual process of managing procedures and checklist using documents. Instead you get a state of the art system that gives visibility into your high-risk projects and your upcoming maintenance and repairs schedule. MOPstar provides you with actionable intelligence that reduces errors and enables you to swiftly correct problems before they cause a system failure.

We Promise You Will Love How It Improves the Performance of Your Facility

Some featured highlights of MOPstar

• Easy to use and highly customizable templates
• Approve, track progress, and sign off on procedures
• Identify high-risk, high-impact tasks, maintenance issues, and repairs
• Easy to use status dashboards

• Run reports by tasks, equipment, site, personnel, or any other filter
• Actionable analytics and visibility into your critical facility equipment
• Embedded version control so that everyone is always using the same version
• Detailed documentation of pre and post conditions, and outcome

• Helps to quickly rectify errors
• Document lessons learned
• Process implementation and iteration allows you to require individual tasks be checked off
• Full integration with existing systems
• And Much More

If you are still managing your operational procedures and maintenance checklists (MOP, SOP, EOP) using generic tools and manual documents, you are putting your business at risk. When you switch to MOPstar you will not only see your error rate decrease, you will also be able to see exactly where your procedures need to be improved and where they are performing at a high level. MOPstar also gives you visibility into equipment/system performance and helps you keep an eye on vendor SLA.

MOPstar takes all the guessing out of your facilities management and maintenance. Our software was specifically designed by and for facilities management teams. Start using MOPstar today to streamline and modernize your facility operations.

See For Yourself How Much Easier MOPstar Makes Your Job