MOPstar offers free licenses and hosting to help data center operators deal with COVID-19 related disruptions.

COVID-19 has brought unprecedented disruptions and forced many data center professionals to work and manage sites remotely. Data center operators are scrambling to find ways to work remotely in a collaborative manner. MOPstar is making its facility operations management solutions freely available to help data centers tackle COVID-19 related situations such as lockdowns and shelter-in-place orders.

Frisco TX, March 23, 2020.

MOPstar, a TX based startup automating crucial functions of mission critical facilities such as operations and maintenance procedures and facility rounds, announced it will offer free licenses to data centers so they can keep the facilities running while keeping their staff healthy and safe.

“We are seeing widespread lockdowns worldwide due to COVID-19. Several counties and states in the USA are following the suit, forcing millions to work from home. Data centers are facing greater risk as vendors and utility providers struggle to keep service uninterrupted. On top of that, the lockdowns limit onsite staff presence to perform usual as well as emergency functions.” said Ajay Nagar, Founder and CEO of MOPstar.

He added, “Think about maintenance, break fixes and other routine tasks; your MOPs and SOPs are more important now than ever before. Your team needs accurate procedures, sophisticated tools and remote collaboration to ensure compliance. That is exactly what our solution does and we’re offering MOPstar for free to data centers to help their facilities staff perform operations and maintenance activities even when they are working from home.”

The free offer, valid until April 30, 2020, includes full use of MOPstar, cloud based hosting and professional services to get customers setup and running in a timely fashion.

Founded in 2018, MOPstar automates MOPs and SOPs, resulting in significant error reduction and boost in staff productivity and efficiency. With clients in utilities, healthcare and colocation segment, MOPstar is already helping data centers centralize and standardize on procedures, making it easy to distribute and monitor MOPs to onsite/remote staff via a single pane of glass portal. Another major benefit is its embedded tools that allow real-time collaboration on MOPs and operations/maintenance activities.

About MOPstar: MOPstar is a Texas based company that offers simple, easy to use, solutions to manage facility operations and is quickly gaining popularity in mission critical space. Contact

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