MOPstar offers free licenses and hosting to help data center operators deal with COVID-19 related lock-downs and work from home situations

COVID-19 has brought unprecedented challenges and have forced many data center managers to work from home. People are scrambling to find more collaboration tools that help them work smarter, faster and remote.


MOPstar is offering free access for our friends in mission critical facilities management so they can keep operations and maintenance going while working from home. Your MOPs and SOPs are more important now than ever before. Your team not only need correct procedures but also remote collaboration and tools to ensure compliance. Our solutions automate tasks, provide better control and visibility and help you perform operations and maintenance activities even when you are working from home.


Here’s how MOPstar can help your team


  1. Centralized repository: MOPstar stores all your MOPs and SOPs in a centralized database. Distribute accurate MOPs to your onsite/remote staff via a single portal.
  2. Collaboration and Communication: Embedded functionality and mechanism for remote team members to collaborate and communicate on MOPs and operations/maintenance activities
  3. Visibility: Granular, real time visibility into each procedure and its progress
  4. Compliance: Inbuilt data logging to ensure compliance to procedures. Detailed audit log of all maintenance and user actions for troubleshooting and auditors
  5. Productivity: MOPstar automate manual tasks and business processes so your staff has more time on hand to deal with new challenges.

We’re offering a complimentary access to dedicated MOPstar application to data center operators and managed service providers. Email  to get started.

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