Change control and documentation are essential to critical facilities operations. It helps you ensure all system changes in your facility are assessed and approved prior to implementation. Operational procedures are the most common way to document change control and reduce risk in data centers and are widely used for operations, maintenance, installation, commissioning and testing activities. Well written procedures help you with
  • Standardize operations and maintenance activities
  • Better planning
  • Process implementation
  • Identify risks and impact
  • Reduce operational errors
  • Improved collaborate with disperse teams
Our expert professionals will work with you to develop operational procedures and maintenance checklists. Our licensed engineers will research vendor recommendations and manuals, industry standards and regulations, and understand your unique requirements to deliver the most effective procedures such as
  • Method of Procedure (MOP): detailed, step by step procedure to be used when working on or around a piece of equipment that directly or indirectly impact critical load.
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP): Detailed, fixed operating procedure. To be referenced whenever needed.
  • Emergency Operating Procedures (EOP): Procedures for potential failure mode. Sometimes used to document previously experienced failure. Details how to get to safe condition, restore redundancy or normalcy, and isolate the problem.
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