The Power of MOPs

The Power of MOPs

The Power of Method of Procedure

What is a MOP?

Method of Procedure (MOP) is a must-have tool for critical facility management to maintain control over and gain visibility into their facility.

A MOP is a step-by-step guide for each procedure that needs to be performed when working on or around any piece of equipment that can impact your critical load. From preventative maintenance to upgrades, to repairs and other work, a MOP defines how each operation should get executed and documents the actual outcome.

Why your facility needs MOPs

Twenty-four percent (24%) of data center outages are caused by human error and 80% are directly related to manual errors. Good MOPs help you minimize human errors, reducing the likelihood of downtime, and enables you to promptly rectify any errors. Using MOPs reduce risks and improve efficiency in your facility management and operations.

MOPs list actions that are needed to perform certain operations, and the actions and outcome get verified and approved to ensure change control, accuracy, and quality. A good MOP will document the purpose, equipment status and operating conditions, personnel and give you visibility into the work that’s being done, why is it being done, and the effect the work has on your critical load.

MOPs also help you with better planning, process implementation, and improvement, and decrease the chances of surprises during execution. A well-written MOP will make it simple for anyone with even the most basic knowledge of your facility to execute even the most complex procedures.

There is an analogy in the military. Anyone who has ever been in the military knows that there is a procedure manual for every single operation that military personnel undertakes. From scrambling eggs to launching nuclear missiles, there is a procedure manual that staff uses to guarantee consistency. It doesn’t matter who is doing the work; the work will be done exactly the same way every time.

Along with error reduction, efficiency, and documentation, MOPs brings standardization, process improvement, and better planning to your facility

What can MOPs help you achieve?

MOPs provide your facility management team with:

● Instant visibility into your critical infrastructure, planned and executed work
● Reduced downtime
● More control over how procedures are executed at your facility
● Greater accountability for work done
● Accurate and complete records providing intelligence when there is an error
● Cut down costs
● More consistent application of best practices

The basics of a MOP

In its most basic form, a MOP provides specific guidelines on:

❏ What changes are to be made
❏ When changes are to be made (times and dates or in response to an event)
❏ Why these changes are being made
❏ Who is involved in making these changes
❏ What risk this MOP has, and how it affects your critical load
❏ Verification and a complete log of the work performed

Why MOPs are Vital to Facility Management

MOPs take the human error element out of nearly every activity in your data centers. Properly drafted and placed MOPs will reduce errors and downtime, bring down costs, and increase your team’s ability to serve your customers. What is your experience with MOPs, leave comments below.

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