MOPstar: Where people meet procedures

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Enterprise Grade Management Software For MOP, SOP And EOPs

Most facilities use Word, Excel, or similar manual document forms to manage, distribute, and execute their operational and maintenance procedures. This manual process is error prone, cumbersome and time intensive.

MOPstar changes all of that by managing your MOP, EOP, and SOPs using cutting-edge technology and giving you better visibility into your critical infrastructure.


Intuitive interface that standardizes and streamlines your processes, enabling you to approve, track, and signoff on procedures- all from one tool


Helps you to quickly rectify errors. Maneuvers version control, documentation, pre/post conditions, audits and compliance, and internal and external notifications.


Instant insight into your critical facility equipment and infrastructure. Single pane of glass dashboard for pending, approved, scheduled, and executed procedures.

We want a lot less

  • Downtime and human errors
  • Cumbersome generic tools
  • Time to make decisions
  • Work to respond to auditors

We want a lot more

  • Quality and conformance to procedures
  • Standardization in operations
  • Actionable intelligence
  • Easy collaboration and communication